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About Guitar Stands

Guitar stands are an important purchase for all guitarists. Stands keep your pride and joy safe while it is on display, waiting to be grabbed and played!

Guitar stands are available for individual instruments or groups, arranged in a row or grouped in a spindle. Most are height-adjustable and some can be folded away for easier storage and transport.

Lots of manufacturers make guitar stands and most are universal. Their adjustability means they should work well with nearly all guitars. Some guitar stands cradle the instrument from the neck and others, known as A-frame due to their shape, provide a rest for the bottom of the guitar. Both are useful depending on intended use.

Wall hangers are an alternative to guitar stands. They are mounted via screws to a wall and normally 'grab' the guitar in much the same way as a regular full length guitar stand. Wall hangers are appropriate if you want to keep your guitar collection off the floor but in full view.

We keep a large selection of stands in stock throughout our stores. Please visit us to view them in person or simply browse our stock here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guitar Stands

Not really, unless you live in a very hot climate and you have the guitar facing direct sunlight for years! Nitrocellulose finishes are perhaps more sensitive to this than thick polyurethane finishes but in our experience, normal day to day keeping of guitars on stands will not cause them to fade in any significant way. It is worth noting that, in order to properly look after any instrument, they should not be kept too close to any windows, radiators or intense heat. If this includes sunlight where you are, we suggest moving the guitar.
This used to be true, yes, though it happens less and less these days. A safe bet for holding nitrocellulose guitars is a Hercules stand. Hercules publicly state that their stands do not harm nitro finishes. Also, a simple piece of undyed cloth between the stand and the guitar (attach it with something other than elastic bands or it'll defeat the point of the exercise!) will also provide what you need.