Markbass Bass Guitars

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About Markbass Bass Guitars

Markbass Bass Guitars represent the lauded Markbass company's foray into bringing instruments to the world as good as their bass amps!

Markbass bass guitars are all built in Italy from superb quality materials and components, achieving a fantastic balance of quality, features and value that deliver excellent workhorse instruments without breaking the bank.

Markbass bass guitars also all come rigged with a stunning Markbass preamp. Like their amps, these preamps deliver super powerful tone-shaping capabilites, while maintaining high transparency to deliver your natural tone with minimal colouration.


Why Should I Choose a Markbass Bass Guitar?

  • Fantastic value
  • Great prices
  • Top quality materials and components
  • Built to Markbass's exacting standards
  • Rigged with stunning Markbass Preamp

Frequently Asked Questions about Markbass Bass Guitars

Question: Who makes Markbass bass guitars?
Markbass bass guitars are made by the Markbass company themselves, sourcing superb materials and components to bring you great instruments at a great price.
Question: Where are Markbass bass guitars made?
Markbass bass guitars are made in Italy by Markbass.
Question: Are Markbass basses any good?
Yes they are! Markbass bass guitars are built from superb components and materials to Markbass's noted level of quality, and come loaded with the stunning Markbass preamp for powerful tone shaping without losing the instruments true voice.