Ibanez Acoustic Guitars

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About Ibanez Acoustic Guitars

Ibanez acoustic guitars provide guitarists with great quality, attractive instruments that offer excellent value for money. Many different body shapes and designs are available ranging from traditional looking Artwood models with innovative thermally aged tops to more unorthodox designs such as the Talman, some with extremely eye-catching finishes.

From beginner models that are comfortable and easy to play through to professional grade, all-solid dreadnoughts, Ibanez's acoustic guitar collections are vast and comprehensive with something for every guitarist. Ibanez make nylon string classical guitars, ukuleles, mandolins and smaller-sized travel guitars as well as steel string guitars in various body shapes that include AEG, AEW, dreadnought and Grand Concert sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Acoustic Guitars

Lots of Ibanez acoustic guitar body shapes are exclusive to them including the Talman, AE, AEW and the AG. The Talman takes its shape from the electric guitars of the same name whilst the rest are roughly similar to grand auditorium models by other companies, albeit with a range of cutaway styles. Ibanez also offer dreadnoughts, parlours, classical and grand concert body styles. At guitarguitar, we keep a large range of Ibanez acoustic guitars in every UK showroom.
Ibanez offer a wide range of guitars that prove more than suitable. In terms of providing a starting point though, we suggest looking at both dreadnought styles and the AE/AEW body styles. These have larger bodies which project better and form an excellent, full accompaniment to your voice. You will need an electro model too, and most Ibanez acoustic guitars have such. A few to begin your search with include the following (though we recommend trying anything that appeals to you!): AEW21UL, the AW70ECE-NT or its Open Pore alternative, and the AVD10E-BVS with its thermally aged body and top providing superior tones.
In terms of Ibanez guitars, Exotic Wood refers to the use of decorative woods as veneers (and sometimes as main construction elements) on their acoustic guitars. These woods are generally from far-flung locations including Hawaii, Central Africa and South America and include species like Koa, Bocote and Ovangkol amongst others. These woods do have their own tonal properties but are often used more for their highly prized appearance.
'Thermo Aged' is Ibanez's term for a process otherwise known as torrefaction. In torrefaction, pieces of tonewood are subjected to an environment of high temperature and low oxygen in order to not only dry out the wood but to actually permanently alter the cellular interior of the wood's structure. In layman's terms, this process makes the wood sound and behave the same as a piece of wood a century older. Using wood like this in acoustic guitar tops allows Ibanez to offer a rich, expressive and truly vintage sound in a new, affordable instrument.