Ibanez FR

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About Ibanez FR

Ibanez FR guitars are a new take on the perennially popular Tele-style guitar, redesigned and modified Ibanez-style to meet the demands of today's progressive and metal guitarists. The single cutaway body shape has been slightly offset and the headstock is the classic pointed Ibanez style which provides a fresh, aggressive look. Dual humbucking pickups deliver a powerful sound that is essential for more extreme styles.

The FR series is available in the Prestige collection or the Iron Label for ultra heavy sounding guitar tones that are proving very popular in the UK metal scene. Combining raw power with the finesse expected from Ibanez and an up to the minute look, the FR range is an excellent choice for the style-conscious and technical player.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez FR

Question: Are Ibanez FR guitars just for metal?
It's hard to say otherwise, really. They come only in black, have ferocious pickups and some models have a killswitch! We'd say yes, these guitars are geared specifically towars modern metal players.
Question: What kind of pickups do the FR guitars come with?
The Prestige FR6UCS model is fitted with hand wound Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups for huge sonic annihilation. The Iron Label FRIX6FEAH comes with a pair of active EMG's: an 81 and a 60. These are industry standard choices for extreme music styles.
Question: What kind of player uses an Ibanez FR?
Due to its modern yet traditional look and its high output performance, the FR series guitars are very popular with young and modern pop/rock, emo and metalcore players. Players from a new generation of bands who don't necessarily worship the rock gods of the past are the people who gravitate towards these instruments.