Ibanez Iron Label

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About Ibanez Iron Label

Ibanez Iron Label guitars are a collection of instruments designed and dedicated to Metal. Iron Label guitars have aggressive styling, performance specifications and high output pickups.

As well as 6 string guitars, Ibanez offer Iron Label guitars in 7 and 8 string models as well as baritone. Ibanez Iron Label guitars are generally based on RG and S series shapes, though there are some exceptions. The pickups are often premium units by EMG or DiMarzio. The detailing and decoration of the instrument is deliberately utilitarian.

This range is designed to meet the need of today's Metal musician - a player who wants power, precision and contemporary styling, with guitars that are distinct from more 'shred' style instruments.

As one of the UK's biggest authorized Ibanez dealers, we keep an enormous range of their guitars in stock, including plenty of Iron Label models. Visit any of our stores to view our Ibanez range and try them in person or browse the full range here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Iron Label

Question: Some Ibanez Iron Label guitars are 'Multi Scale': what does this mean?
Multi Scale is a term that is becoming synonymous with contemporary metal guitars. It means that the scale length begins at one value for the lower strings and gradually morphs into a smaller scale length for the higher strings. You can tell a Multi Scale guitar by its 'fanned frets' which are angled to facilitate the two scale lengths. What is the purpose though? Well, it's to maintain proper intonation and string tension on guitars with extra strings, really. The optimum scale legnth for a high E string is not conducive with the optimum scale length for a low B or F# string. Multi Scale guitars are used to accommodate all strings equally.
Question: Which is the most popular Ibanez Iron Label guitar?
Our best-selling Ibanez Iron Label guitar is the RGMS7-BK Multi Scale 7 string.