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About Ibanez RG

The Ibanez RG is one of the company's most popular ranges of electric guitars. Originally offered as a mainstream variation on Steve Vai's Jem guitar, the RG retains the Jem's aggressively pointed Superstrat body shape but dispenses with the carrying handle and other eccentric features to make a guitar that is perhaps more palatable to the hard rock masses.

The Ibanez RG generally has an Edge tremolo, Ibanez's answer to the Floyd Rose locking bridge. It typically has three pickups arranged in a hum-single-hum configuration and a wide range of finish & fingerboard inlay options. Ibanez make their RG guitars available throughout their different collections: standard, Premium, Prestige, Genesis, J.craft Custom and Iron Label. Each collection has different hardware choices, levels of build quality and thematic distinctions but all share the common shape and purpose which is to rock hard.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez RG

When the first RG guitar was released in 1987, Ibanez advertised it along with their Roadstar guitar. Therefore to most people it stands for Roadstar Guitar but Ibanez have never really confirmed this.
The difference between these RG styles is mainly the body shapes and, in the case of the RGD, the scale length. They all share a similar outline with the deep cutaways and sharp horns but from there things diverge. The RG is the original design derived from the Jem in 1987. It has a slab body with a forearm contour on the top and a belly contour on the back but is otherwise 'squared' at the edges. The RGA has an arched top, often made from a different, exotic and decorative wood. The top also has bevels cut into the cutaways for unprecedented access to those upper frets. This amount of sculpting on the RGA's top is designed to give the player the most unhindered, comfortable playing experience possible. The RGD is similar to the RGA in certain ways, though it has a distinctively sculpted top rather than a symmetrically arched top. These guitars also have an extended 26.5"" scale length to better facilitate playing in down-tuned keys like D and C standard. RGD models often have hard tail bridges but some models have tremolos.
Wizard is the name Ibanez have given to their extremely thin guitar necks. Ibanez as famous for offering players super thin, speedy necks that have a nice flat profile. Shredders and technical players of all description love the freedom they experience on a Wizard neck. The roman numeral after the name (i.e. Wizard II) refers to the variation of carve. All Wizard necks have a 25.5" scale length.
The Edge tremolo is Ibanez's own design locking tremolo, based closely on the Floyd Rose tremolo. It is a feature of many Ibanez guitars, particularly RG and S models, at all price points. Like the Floyd Rose, the Edge tremolo locks the string in at the bridge and up at the nut. This allows a large degree of pitch manipulation, both up and down, without the guitar's tuning getting ruined. Lots of shred guitarists including Joe Satriani and Steve Vai make a great deal of use out of their Edge tremolo-equipped guitars.
No, Ibanez realise that many players love the shape, feel and sound of an RG but do not want to use a locking tremolo so there are many hard tail RG models available including the RG421 from the Standard collection and the RG652AHMFX from the illustrious Prestige collection.