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About Ibanez Gio

The Ibanez Gio range is an affordable line of electric guitars and basses based on their iconic original designs. In the Gio range you'll find RG models, S models and even unique GAX models. All are made with the same quality and attention to detail that have made Ibanez's name. Ibanez Gio guitars are not just excellent for beginners. They are sturdy workhorse guitars for gigging players who need solid quality, reliablility, Ibanez looks and a great sound.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Gio

Largely yes, though there are exceptions. For example, the RGR guitars are based on the famous RG and the GSA is a take on the S series. There are a couple of interesting original designs in the Gio range though, and all credit to Ibanez for doing it. the GAX30 is an original that went the other way and ended up in the Standard collection after the success of the Gio model!
All Gio guitars with tremolo bridges have the FAT-6 model tremolo. This is a sturdy, non-locking 'vintage' style bridge with a good smooth action. It has a screw in arm.
How about both? Ibanez's dedication to all things extended range mean that they have 5 and 6 string models in their Gio bass range! Not many companies offer the range and value that Ibanez do, especially with such high quality to the price ratio. There are a couple of 5 string models: the GSR205SM and the GSR206B. Their 6 string GIO is the GSR206B.
Yes! The GRG7221 is a mean 7 string and is a fantastic choice for the experienced guitarist looking to dip his/her toe in the water of 7 string guitars.
Ibanez Gio guitars are a great choice for beginners since they are easy to play. They provide great sound and are very solid and reliable, and so more experienced players can enjoy them too. They are often used as second guitars for gigging players, a testament to their quality.