Ibanez S Series

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About Ibanez S Series

Ibanez S series electric guitars are the current, up to date versions of their Sabre series form the 1980s. Ibanez S series guitars have sleek, thin bodies with lots of contouring to provide an extremely comfortable playing experience. They are performance guitars, popular with shredders and fusion players. This is reflected in the use of high output pickups and locking Edge tremolo bridges that generally are a part of the S series experience.

S series guitars are available in the Standard, Iron Label, Premium and Prestige collections so you can pick the exact combination of features and build levels you prefer. Each of our UK based guitarguitar stores keeps a good stock of Ibanez S series in stock at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez S Series

Question: What is the difference between the S series and the RG series?
Comparing an S series to an RG with exactly the same hardware, the main difference is the body shape. S series guitars are heavily contoured and bevelled for a feeling of the guitar melting away into your body as you play. The RG has contours too but it is very much designed to feel like it's right in front of you. It has a thicker, more slab-like body.
Question: What type of music is the S series designed for?
Ibanez S Series guitars are comfortably able to perform almost any stule of music thanks to the wide variety of sounds available from them. Some S Series guitars, like the Iron Label model SIX6FDFM, is clearly meant ofr heavy and extreme playing but others, such as the fusion-friendly Prestige S6570Q is a great all rounder thanks to its H-S-H pickup configuration and locking tremolo. Whichever Ibanez S series guitar you ultimately pick, it is sure to be light in weight and very responsive.
Question: Is the Joes Satriani guitar an S Series?
No, it is an original design by Ibanez but is very similar to an older, discontinued model called the Radius. The Radius was superficially similar to both the S Series and Joe's JS guitars but all three feature different body contours, hardware choices and neck profiles.
Question: Which Ibanez collections is the S series available in?
Ibanez have included S series guitars in their Standard, Iron Label, Premium and Prestige collections to offer a huge range of choice to the player seeking his next S series guitar.