Ibanez SA Series

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About Ibanez SA Series

The Ibanez SA series of guitars are an elegant and versatile group of instruments. Part of the Standard collection, the Ibanez SA range spans three models that all share certain characteristics. The Ibanez SA is similar to the S series but includes an arched top, hence the SA name. Each SA has a bolted on Maple neck, a double cutaway contoured body with a flat back, pickups laid out in a Hum-Single-Single configuration, and a vintage style synchronized tremolo. Each SA also has some form of binding on the body which changes depending on the model.

These guitars are beautiful to look at and capable of handling a range of musical genres with ease thanks to their well thought out design. Whether you play Rock, Blues, Jazz, Shred or Fusion, you'll enjoy an Ibanez SA. These guitars are extremely good value for money and so we keep stock of them in each of our UK stores to meet demand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez SA Series

Question: What does an Ibanez SA guitar sound like?
Thanks to the versatile design of an SA, it can sound as pleasant, clean, and pristine as you like. Or it can sound thick, distorted and chunky, depending on what pickup or combination of pickups you select and how you set up your amp and effects. The SA range is for players who switch between a wide selection of sounds and who jump from genre to genre.
Question: What ranges are the Ibanez SA guitars available in?
Ibanez SA guitars are available exclusively in the Standard range.
Question: What kind of player uses an Ibanez SA guitar?
Ibanez SA guitars are for guitarists looking to cover a wide range of musical bases with an affordable, good looking electric guitar that is easy to play. Guitarists in function bands and theatre pits as well as modern fusion players all love Ibanez SA guitars.
Question: What does 'arched top' mean?
This refers to the shape of the guitar's top. The opposite to an arched top would be a 'flat top', like what you'd find on, say, a Telecaster. Arched top guitars traditionally refers to hollow and semi hollow guitars with tops designed to be slightly bent or arched. This gives them a more cello-like appearance. This is mostly still the case today. However some manufacturers use the term to describe tops that are carved to have an arch are in the middle of the top where the pickups are located. Ibanez SA guitars are solid body guitars with carved tops. This makes them more elegant and comfortable to play.