Recording King Acoustic Guitars

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About Recording King Acoustic Guitars

Recording King Acoustic Guitars bring the player handsome, vintage style instruments with cracking old school sounds, all delivered with a focus on modern playability, reliability, quality and value. Originally conceived as an in-house brand for the Montgomery Ward company in the 1930's, Recording King remain true to their vintage style with a range of acoustic and resonator guitars in a host of sizes and styles, all with that charming aesthetic of the golden era of guitar building.

Why Should I Choose a Recording King Acoustic Guitar?

  • Gorgeous old school inspired designs
  • Outstanding vintage style guitar sounds
  • Wonderfully high quality instruments
  • Fantastic value

Frequently Asked Questions about Recording King Acoustic Guitars

Question: Are Recording King acoustic guitars any good?
Yes they are! Recording King guitars deliver old time style and sound with modern quality and playability, at a fantastic price too!
Question: Where are Recording King acoustic guitars made?
Recording King guitars are conceived and designed in the US, assembled in China, and sent to Recording King in the States for full setup and inspection.
Question: What strings come on a Recording King acoustic guitar?
Recording King fit their guitars with D'Addario EJ strings, with gauge dependent on model.