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About Electro Harmonix Pedals

Electro Harmonix, also known as EHX, are one of the most famous effects pedal brands in the world. The company hails from New York City and have been making innovative products since the 60s.

Electro Harmonix have an exhaustive range of pedals available. EHX cover every FX base, including many that no other company makes. Several of Electro Harmonix's pedals are all-time classics, revered the world over. EHX pedals are used by a number of famous guitarists and bassists. They are a perennially popular brand of effect and are known to go 'further' sonically than many other types of pedal.

Browse our magnificent selection of these pedals right here on the website or pay us a visit and try a few for yourself! We are one of the biggest authorised UK EHX dealers so there is plenty to choose from!

Frequently Asked Questions about Electro Harmonix Pedals

No, miraculously it works with no special equipment needed! Just plug it into your rig as you would do with any other pedal and experience something amazing.
At guitarguitar, the Micro POG is the best selling. This is closely followed by the Big Muff Pi.
Well, there are several reasons. Some of the models are made with the same circuitry but have different sized outer casing in order to meet the demands of modern players who need to fit more on their pedal boards. Others, like the Deluxe Big Muff and the Tone Wicker, address issues that some players have encountered, like a drop in the mid frequencies of the sound and so on. Other models seek to recreate historic Big Muff pedals. Over the years, the Big Muff has been revised, altered and made with different components in different places. This has led to players having certain preferences regarding the particular type of Muff sounds around. EHX respond to this by offering a variety of Big Muff pedals that recreate these historic sounds.