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About Electro Harmonix

Electro Harmonix and a legendary effects pedal company form New York City. The list of classic efects form this company is huge and puts them on the map as being almost as influentiual and significant to the history of electric guitars as companies like Fender and Gibson.

Electro Harmonix (often known simply as EHX) make pedals that are known to have an eccentric edge, often going further or deeper than other pedal manufacturers. In the Big Muff, they have a legitimate classic fuzz pedal, heard on countless albums form Dark Side of the Moon to Siamese Dream.

The list of famous EHX players is massive and includes Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, David Glmour, Casrlos Santana and every guitarist you know and love!

Electro Harmonix is a treasure trove of magic awaiting every guitarist. At guitarguitar, we are enthusiastic fans of all things EHX. We are the place to come to for the best selection and best advice on Electro Harmonix products. Each of our UK guitarguitar stores are filled with Electro Harmonix pedals! Visit us for a demo of your favoruite pedals or buy directly from the site and have your pedals delivered!

Frequently Asked Questions about Electro Harmonix

Well, apart form the obvious and slightly unhelpful answer of 'visit us and try them all out' (which you can definitely do!) we would suggest dodging the Metal Muff pedals since they are actually high gain distortions and not Muffs at all apart from in name. Instead, we'd share that the Tone Wicker model is super useful as it is the classic Muff sound with the handy ability to stay in a mix/band setup easier since it has a good mid kick in it. We'd say that the Deluxe Big Muff will give oyu pretty much every variation of that famous fuzz sound. And finally, to get to the point: which one do we actually like the best? Easy. The Op-amp model.
Good question: in our experience, adding an overdrive to a Big Muff sound is pretty ineffective so we'd suggest having the overdrive first.
The pedal you are looking for is the Electro Harmonix Soul Food. Is it worth a shot? Definitely.
No, you don't need any extra equipment or speical pickups of any sort. Simply plug into the pedal as you would with any other pedal and experience some amazing results!
Apparently so! Mike Matthews, CEO and eccentric leader of EHX apparently invented sampling technology in the mid 80s before licensing it to Akai.