Origin Effects Guitar Pedals

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About Origin Effects Guitar Pedals

Origin Effects Guitar Pedals contain many exciting models that can drastically improve the quality of your tone. From their overdrive pedals to their studio-grade compressors, every Origin Effects Guitar Pedal offers something unique that can truly transform your sound. Hand-built and housed in a stainless steel enclosure, they are equally as ready for a life on stage or in the studio.

Whether you are interested in the Cali76 range for their studio-grade compression or the hugely versatile analogue amplifier overdrive of the RevivalDrive, Origin Effects Guitar Pedals are worth checking out if you are serious about upgrading your rig and improving your tone.

Why Should I Choose Origin Effects Guitar Pedals?

  • Hand-built in Buckingham, England
  • An excellent selection of Overdrive, Modulation, and Compression pedals
  • Used by many of the world's top guitarists

Frequently Asked Questions about Origin Effects Guitar Pedals

Question: What amp sounds can I achieve with Origin Effects pedals?
Each Origin Effects overdrive pedal brings something different to the table, with the amp sounds ranging from traditional British style tones through to cranked American gain sounds.