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About Origin Effects

Founded in 2012, Origin Effects have quickly earned their status as one of the finest pedal brands around. All of their guitar pedals are hand-built in Buckingham, England, and they pride themselves on their industry-leading designs and studio-grade tones. Earning high praise from a wide range of guitarists and with artist endorsements including many top names from David Gilmour to Tony Iommi, Origin Effects clearly know how to impress. By using their years of knowledge and expertise, Origin Effects brings something new and exciting to the fold.

Why Should I Choose Origin Effects?

  • Creators of industry-leading effects
  • Studio-grade pedals for a number of musical applications
  • Hand-built in Buckingham, England

Frequently Asked Questions about Origin Effects

Question: What new features are in the Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE pedals?
The RevivalDRIVE features very realistic vintage drive valve tones from all-analogue electronics. It has plenty of controls to allow for precisely dialling in what you need plus the flagship and Custom models both have the unique Ghost control to recreate "ghost note" style sounds.
Question: What amp sounds can I achieve with Origin Effects pedals?
Each Origin Effects overdrive pedal brings something different to the table, with the amp sounds ranging from traditional British style tones through to cranked American gain sounds.
Question: What power supply should I use with my Origin Effects pedal?
Each pedal should be checked individually as the power needed changes between models. Most run on 9V DC and the battery option has been done away with to make better use of space, so an appropriate power supply is required.