Dingwall Bass Guitars

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About Dingwall Bass Guitars

Dingwall bass guitars are perfect for on stage and in the studio. They are at the cutting edge of contemporary bass design. These bass guitars are crafted by master luthier Sheldon Dingwall in ‎Saskatchewan, Canada and Dingwall is considered to be among the most respected bass guitar builders of today.

Although now made in 4 and 6 string variations, Dingwall's reputation is built on their phenomenal 5 string basses. Described as having ‘the best B in the business’, Dingwall basses bring power and definition to the low B that’s not been heard before. This is thanks to their multiscale or ‘fan-fret’ system. Modelled after a grand piano, the string length changes depending on the note. This means that each string is the right length to ring true and authoritatively.

Dingwall use the finest woods and components. Several models feature Hipshot bridges and Darkglass preamps.

What Makes a Dingwall Basses Different?

  • Fan-fret system guarantees a powerful tone on every string
  • Dingwall bass guitars feature bold designs
  • High-spec components

Frequently Asked Questions about Dingwall Bass Guitars

Question: Where are Dingwall Basses made?
Dingwall Basses are designed in Saskatoon, Canada. To keep them affordable they are built in China using North American tonewoods and then set up and assembled back in Canada.
Question: Who plays Dingwall Basses?
Famous session bassist Lee Sklar and producer and former Periphery bassist Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood both have signature Dingwall Basses, having played them for years. A huge number of other professional bassists have started to use Dingwalls, particularly in the prog and metal scenes.