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About the Epiphone Les Paul

The Epiphone Les Paul is without doubt one of our most popular electric guitars . Based directly on the Gibson Les Paul, Epiphone have successfully recreated that famous guitar's shape and feel in an affordable and pleasingly large range of models. From beginner models like the Les Paul Special VE to the high end Les Paul 60s Tribute, which comes complete with USA Burstbucker pickups, every Les Paul guitar from Epiphone bears the influence of Gibson's classic design.

As one of the most famous electric guitar designs in history, the Epiphone Les Paul is about as iconic as it gets and these excellently priced guitars offer great value with a real heritage. The best selling model is most definitely the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro, a recently upgraded variation on the Les Paul Standard. With proper set-neck construction, a full-thickness Mahogany body and a genuine Flame Maple top, this Epiphone Les Paul model represents extremely good value for money.

The Epiphone Les Paul comes in a variety of constructions, styles, specifications and finishes. Browse the collection online or visit any of our stores: we always keep a large selection of these in stock.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Les Paul

Epiphone produce a wide range of Les Paul models to fit a large demographic of budgets and purposes. The most popular model is the Epiphone Les Paul Standard, which was recently upgraded with the launch of the Plus Top Pros. This model has upgraded pickups and a genuine Flame Maple top so it looks and sounds close to the Gibson original. Another very popular model is the Les Paul Custom Pro. This model features the same upgraded pickups as the Standard Plus Top Pro but has lots of extra cosmetic features like headstock and fingerboard inlays, multiple-ply binding and gold hardware to achieve the same great looks as the famous Gibson Les Paul Custom. Players who do not require the extra decoration can opt for another popular model, the Epiphone Les Paul Studio. This model dispenses will the glamour to offer a slimmer, stripped down Les Paul with a bolt-on neck and powerful ceramic pickups. This guitar displays real value for money. There are lots of variations on these models but these are the most popular varieties. Have a browse online or visit one of our guitatguitar stores where we have a comprehensive range of Epiphone Les Pauls available to see, try and buy.
Certain models over the years have been weight relieved but current models like the Standard and the Custom are not chambered.
Not at all. Since Gibson have owned Epiphone (or rather, they were both bought by the same conglomerate) since 1957, an Epiphone Les Paul is very much a 'real' Les Paul. It is made in China to a specific budget rather than crafted in the USA but the outline and design is the same. This is why Epiphone are allowed to display Les Paul's name on the headstock.
All Epiphone Les Paul models have a scale length of 24.75". This is slightly smaller then 'standard', which is 25.5". The 24.75" scale length is extremely popular and is used on all Gibson guitars too.
A set neck, sometimes referred to as a 'glued in' neck is a method for joining a guitar's neck to its body. It is a more time consuming and expensive method than simply bolting a neck onto a neck pocket. Set neck guitars are known to have more inherent sustain due to the glued join effectively making the body and neck one big vibrating piece of wood. Lots of Epiphone guitars, including the Les Paul Standard, the Sheraton and many others are made in this way.