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About Control Knobs / Volume Knobs

Control Knobs and Volume Knobs are a standard part of guitar design and functionality. Not only are volume knobs and tone knobs a functional element that lets you observe your control settings, they're also one of the easiest elements of a guitar to upgrade for aesthetic reasons. Control knobs are available in many variations like coloured cap knobs and pointer knobs, as well as different shapes, and because a typical control knob matches your standard shaft diameter, they are easily interchangeable between different guitars.

If you're the type of guitarist who frequently tweaks their volume knob, it's important to find a knob diameter that's comfortable in your fingers. Standard volume and tone knobs use similar technologies to your home hifi audio equipment, letting execute manual input adjustments that effects how your preamp reacts to your signal, which is how some guitarists are able to adjust their gain level without the need for a boost or overdrive pedal. Whether you're looking to upgrade your guitar knobs for their looks or performance, we've got the control knobs that will match your guitar.

Why Should I Choose Control Knobs / Volume Knobs?

  • Select a style that suits your guitar
  • Replace worn or missing parts
  • Find a shape that's comfortable in your fingers

Frequently Asked Questions about Control Knobs / Volume Knobs

Question: What is a volume control knob?
A volume control knob is a type of potentiometer that gives you control over the amount of signal that's sent from your guitar.
Question: Is a volume knob a resistor?
Yes, a volume knob or any potentiometer lets you control the amount of resistance added to your signal.
Question: Why is my volume button misbehaving?
Moving parts can wear out or degrade over time, so it's worth taking your guitar to one of our stores to have it looked at if you're experiencing issues.
Question: Does a volume knob affect tone?
While it doesn't affect your tone in as direct a way as a standard tone knob, dialling down your volume knob can affect your tone.