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About Suhr Pedals

Suhr pedals are filled with the same level of quality and attention to detail as their guitars and amps. They are hand made in the USA. Suhr offer a wide range of pedals including various distortions, boosts, drives, fuzzes, modulations and ambient effects.

Suhr effects pedals have proven to be a hit with guitarists. They are high quality in both sound and build.

At guitarguitar, we are big fans and supporters of Suhr. We keep stock of their guitars, amps and pedals including many special limited edition products. Check out our full collection online or give them a try in-store!

Frequently Asked Questions about Suhr Pedals

Question: What is the difference between the Suhr Riot and the Riot Reloaded?
The Suhr Riot Reloaded pedal has the same amp-like distortion as the original Riot pedal but with around 30% more gain!