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About Epiphone Guitars

Epiphone guitars are high quality, affordable instruments. Most of their models are based on designs by Gibson, their parent company. Famous for making hollow body guitars, some of their most successful models include the Epiphone Dot, the Casino and the Sheraton. Of their solid body guitars, the Epiphone Les Paul is by far the most popular. This Epiphone electric guitar is a prime example of the company's quality and value.

As the UK's largest authorised Epiphone dealer, we stock the largest collection of instruments in the country. Each of our stores is full of their electric guitars, acoustics and folk instruments.

Epiphone guitars offer a lot to today's guitarist. There are more world-renowned musicians playing Epiphone guitars now than ever before. Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, Gary Clark Jr, Mastodon, Joe Bonamassa and many more choose to play Epiphone guitars. They join the illustrious ranks of the Beatles, U2, Paul Weller, the Rolling Stones and Oasis. With such a range of instruments to choose from and such high-ranking artist approval, there is an Epiphone guitar to suit every player.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Guitars

All Epiphone guitars since 2004 have been made in their own facility in Qingdao, China.
Yes. Epiphone were originally a major competitor for Gibson in the early days. In 1957, Epiphone were bought by CMI, the company who also owned Gibson. Ever since, Epiphone has made its own range of original design guitars as well as affordable versions of Gibson designs.
The name 'Epiphone' is an amalgamation of 1930s company president Epaminondas Stathopoulos' nickname 'Epi' and the Greek word for sound which is 'phone'. Epi was born in Greece before the Stathopoulos family emigrated to New York when he was young. Epiphone is pronounced 'Eppy-phone'.
All of our UK stores - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Camden, Newcastle and Epsom - carry a wide and comprehensive range of Epiphone guitars.