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About the Epiphone Casino

The Epiphone Casino is a hollow body semi-acoustic guitar that has proven to be one of Epiphone's most popular models. Since it was introduced in 1961, it has been used on countless recordings and live performances. Artists such as Howlin' Wolf brought attention to it and then it was hugely popularised by The Beatles.

Its twin f-holes give it the classic look but also make is sound very open. A pair of P-90 pickups let it move from clear chords right into rock territory. The tailpiece is another feature that adds to its classic look.

It is available in a full size body or the Coupe version offers a smaller body alternative. We highly recommend trying one out so you can hear for yourself just how different the Casino is to a semi-hollow guitar!

Why Choose The Epiphone Casino?

  • A fully-hollow guitar with a distinctive look
  • Twin P90 pickups for a sound like no other
  • Played by the likes of John Lennon, George Harrison and Keith Richards

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Casino Guitars

Question: Is the Epiphone Casino fully hollow?
Yes. While semi-hollow guitars feature a centre block, the Casino is fully hollow. This gives it a very distinctive sound.
Question: Are Casinos good for playing rock music?
Since Epiphone Casinos are fully hollow, they are more susceptible to feedback at high volumes. Having said that, the Beatles, Gary Clark Jr, Radiohead, U2 and many other rock bands have played Casinos on stage...so we say yes!
Question: Is this the same guitar that John Lennon used?
The current Epiphone Casino model is an extremely close recreation of the guitar that John Lennon used. His 'Natural' model was originally painted Vintage Sunburst - he sanded the finish down himself! Nowadays, Epiphone offer their Casino in Natural as well as Vintage Sunburst.
Question: What is a P-90 pickup?
A P-90 is a single coil pickup that is wound around a slightly bigger magnet with a larger circumference to wind the wire round. This means the resulting tone is generally hotter than a typical single coil, even though it retains lots of single coil characteristics. It is helpful to think of them as sitting right between a single coil and a humbucker. They are very expressive and versatile pickups.
Question: Where are Epiphone Casinos made?
The majority of Epiphone Casinos are made in the far east using excellent quality components. Epiphone have also made some USA Casino models.