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About LR Baggs Accessories

LR Baggs Accessories primarily consist of acoustic pickup systems. LR Baggs, born from the humble beginnings of a woodworker turned luthier, Lloyd Baggs who has strived to create great acoustic tones since building his first guitar. The first pickup from LR Baggs the LB6 firmly cemented the company as one of the pioneers in aftermarket acoustic amplification.

Today, LR Baggs has continued to develop their pickups with new technologies and a greater understanding of the acoustic guitar sound and physics to become a world class leader in acoustic pickups. LR Baggs accessories today include some of the most advanced, yet natural sounding pickups you can buy.

Many high end guitar brands such as Lowden and Martin make use of LR Baggs accessories such as the fantastic sounding Anthem pickup. There is a variety of styles to choose from when looking for an acoustic pickup to suit your needs and LR Baggs provide a great tone in any configuration.

Why Should I Choose LR Baggs Accessories?

  • World class tone
  • Lots of acoustic and piezo pickup styles
  • A great way to add a new dimension to your acoustic sound
  • Used by some of the biggest and best brands and artists

Frequently Asked Questions about LR Baggs Accessories

Question: Are LR Baggs accessories any good?
Yes LR Baggs are one of the world's leading manufacturers in acoustic pickup accessories and consistently deliver great quality.
Question: What are LR Baggs accessories good for?
LR Baggs Accessories give you a new way to amplify your acoustic with a world class tone.
Question: What accessories do LR Baggs produce?
Primarily LR Baggs accessories are acoustic pickups including magnetic soundhole pickups, undersaddle and piezo pickups.