LR Baggs Acoustic Guitar Pickups

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About LR Baggs Acoustic Guitar Pickups

LR Baggs Acoustic Guitar Pickups can help you unlock the full potential of your acoustic guitar. LR Baggs pickups can be installed on acoustic guitars so that you can plug into an amp, PA system or recording interface and hear the sound of your guitar like you never have before.

LR Baggs acoustic guitar pickups are known for their incredible quality of tone and the ability to capture the natural sound of the guitar. Popular LR Baggs pickups include their Anthem and Element offerings, with the VTC being found on many high-end electro-acoustic models. If you are serious about getting a consistent good tone for live performance then LR Baggs pickups should be at the top of your list.

Why Should I Choose an LR Baggs Acoustic Guitar Pickup?

  • Used by many top artists
  • Makes acoustic live performance incredibly simple
  • Each pickup gives a detailed and accurate sound

Frequently Asked Questions about LR Baggs Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Question: Are LR Baggs pickups any good?
Yes, LR Baggs pickups are so good that they often used by many top acoustic brands such as Gibson.
Question: What are LR Baggs pickups best for?
LR Baggs pickups are best for giving your acoustic guitar the ability to be used for live performance and recording while delivering a high quality sound.
Question: Is LR Baggs Element a piezo pickup?
Yes, it is a piezo pickup but it works in a different way to most. This undersaddle pickup relies more on the movement of the soundboard rather than the strings, giving a much more detailed sound.