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About Synergy Amps

Synergy Amps are ingenious. If you need incredible versatility, you need a digital modelling amp. Synergy Amps throw all that up in the air by giving you a range of boutique valve amps in a modular format.

Synergy offer an affordable way to collect boutique american valve amp sounds. Much like changing the game cartridge in an old Nintendo, they enable you to swap in and out the preamp section of an amplifier. This gives you an amazing range of tones without having to invest in multiple amplifiers. You simply change the important bit - the preamp.

These preamps are designed by revered boutique amp manufacturers such as Diesel, Soldano, Bogner, Friedman, Morgan and Engl. You can use these preamps in three different ways: with the SYN-1 to use as a ‘direct out’ preamp; with the Fryette-designed SYN-5050 power amp into a guitar cab; or the SYN-30C, a 30-watt all-valve combo with replaceable preamp section.

The beauty of a Synergy preamp with the SYN-1 is that you can actually integrate them with your current amp. Simply plug the unit into the effects loop of your amp and, hey presto, you now have another channel! If you’re amp doesn’t have an effects loop, you can run it directly into the front like an effects pedal.

What Makes Synergy Amps Different?

  • Unique modular design
  • An affordable way to collect boutique american amp sounds
  • Multiple ways to use based on your preference
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Synergy Amps

    Question: Who uses Synergy Amps?
    Famous Synergy fans include Andy Wood, Opeth’s Fredrik Akkeson and Steve Vai. Vai has even released his signature Synergy preamp.
    Question: Where are Synergy Amps made?
    Synergy Amps are made in California by Boutique Amp Distribution.