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About Synergy Amps

Synergy are a Los-Angeles based company who produce innovative guitar pre-amps.

Synergy have made a modular preamp, the SYN-1, that can accept individual modules from boutique amp builders. This allows you to cost-effectively collect some of the best sounding amps in the world in a space-saving device that can be DI'd. The SYN-1 is perfect for touring guitarists who need tonal consistency as well as ergonomic practicality. Synergy have also designed it to be great for the recording studio, be it home or professional. It is a great alternative to using a large number of boutique amplifiers.

This is new and exciting technology. More name-brand amp makers are getting on board. Check Synergy amps out for yourself either via our site or at certain guitarguitar stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Synergy Amps

The main benefits are the ability to plug this small device into the FX return of any combo or power amp and add additional channels to the amp. You can even take over the sound of the rig altogether! These are boutique sounds and there is no easier way to get such rich sounds so consistently.
Some of the best boutique amp companies in the world have created modules for the Synergy SYN-1. These include Friedman, Morgan, Diezel, Bogner, Fryette and more.
Yes, the SYN-1 has a cabinet simulator. Simply plug it into your audio interface and record great guitar sounds!
No, this is not digital at all. Each module has two 12AX7 valves for rich and genuine valve tone.