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About Bogner Amps

With unprecedented clarity, power and dynamic richness, Bogner Amps are the ultimate all-in-one valve amp.

In 1989, Reinhold Bogner moved from Germany to LA to be part of California’s burgeoning boutique amp scene. It didn’t take long before he was repairing and modding amps for Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai, and, of course, Eddie Van Halen. Bogner Amps are all point-to-point handwired valve amps. They are still made in California.

Bogner’s flagship amp is the Ecstasy. This is a stunning three channel amp. It allows you to dial in anything from a barking Plexi sound, to the greasiest, harmonically chewy overdrive and then wash it all down with the lushest most decadent clean tone. Using their footswitch you can access these three channels - plus three variants of these channels - hands-free. This means the Ecstasy is an unbelievable amp for live performance. It offers the type of versatility normally reserved for digital modelling amps.

What makes Bogner Amps different?

  • Point-to-point handwired valve amps
  • Incredibly versatile multi-channel amps
  • Like having three amps in one - perfect for the stage!
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Bogner Amps

    Question: Where are Bogner amps made?
    Bogner Amps are made in Los Angeles, California.
    Question: Which famous artists use Bogner amps?
    Bogner amps are used by scores of high profile guitar players, predominantly from the hard rock and metal world. These players include icons such as Steve Vai, Jerry Cantrell, Steely Dan, Avenged Sevenfold, Wes Borland, Rusty Cooley, Disturbed, Tool, and Keith Urban.