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About Bogner Amps

Bogner are a boutique amplifier brand from Los Angeles. They are known for producing handwired tube amps of high quality. They are particularly renowned for their drive sounds. Many Bogner amps are played by famous players.

Bogner produce heads, cabinets and combos. They also make pedals which are based on some of the more celebrated amps like the Bogner Ecstasy.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bogner Amps

The list of Bogner users is pretty long so here is a small selection: Steve Vai, Jerry Cantrell, Steely Dan, Avenged Sevenfold, Wes Borland, Rusty Cooley, Disturbed, Tool, and Keith Urban.
Bogner is the surname of Reinhold Bogner, the owner and designer behind Bogner Amplification. He's from Ulm in Germany (where, randomly, the vacuum tube was invented) but relocated to LA before beginning Bogner amps.
That is a descriptive term for the sound of the amp: it is German for 'Super Sonic'. They aren't lying!