Tech 21 Pedals

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About Tech 21 Pedals

Tech 21 are an American pedal manufacturer. They are best known for their early pioneering of amp modelling effects in the days before digital modelling technology. Tech 21 pedals simulate famous amplifiers and are available for both guitar and bass. They plug directly into the PA system (or computer for recording) and provide realistic amp tones without an amp existing.

Tech 21 effects pedals are available online and in-store.


Why Should I Choose a Tech 21 Pedal?

  • Extremely High Quality
  • Direct to PA
  • Outstanding Amp Modelling
  • Craft Unique Tones

Frequently Asked Questions about Tech 21 Pedals

Question: What electric guitar amp styles do Tech 21 offer models of?
Tech 21 refer to their main amp models as the following (with our non-trademark-infringing explanations in brackets): Liverpool ( AC combo), British (Plexi stack), Us Metal (High Gain Rectifier stack), Oxford (The famous 'colourful' British amp brand), Leeds (High in watts), VT Bass (the amp peg), Blonde (Tweed Combo) and California (Mark Two combo).