Fender Pedals

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About Fender Pedals

Fender pedals provide an exciting way to shake up your sound. With almost 30 effects in the range and growing, these robust, colourful pedals offer something for every player. They have even designed pedals specifically for acoustic guitarists and bassists. Most of these pedals are designed as workhorses for the professional market. They are extremely hard-wearing, easy to use, and offer stunning sound quality.

All Fender Pedals are made from sleek and durable aluminium and have useful features like LED-equipped controls. This allows you to see your settings on even the darkest stage!

Popular choices include the versatile Santa Ana Overdrive and Pugilist Distortion. They have also introduced the Engine Room Series, a range of isolated pedal power supplies so that you can power your pedals with clean power!

What Makes a Fender Pedal Different?

  • Robust casing makes them ideal for the stage
  • Huge variety of affordable effects
  • Include pedals designed for acoustic guitar and bass

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Pedals

Question: Where are Fender pedals made?
Fender pedals are made in China.
Question: Are Fender pedals any good?
We think so! There is a huge range of effects in the Fender range so there is something to suit every guitarist.