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About Fender Pedals

Fender pedals provide an exciting way to shake up your sound. Fender offer a range of effects pedals including Drives, Reverb, Delay and Compressor. These pedals are made with rock solid metal chassis and sound fantastic.

Some popular models include the Santa Ana Overdrive, the Pugilist Distortion and the Marine Layer Reverb. These are well worth investigating if you need to add a little extra spice to your pedalboard set up.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Pedals

This range of Fender effects pedals all have anodized aluminium chassis for supreme toughness. These pedals are definitely road worthy!
The Level Set Buffer is a clever utility pedal. It balances the overall level from your rig so that swapping between different guitars mid-set does not adversely affect your sound or volume levels. It also regulates the signal level coming from your pedalboard to ensure that you don't lose tone to things like capacitance.
The Pugilist is actually two distortions in one - a punchy clear distortion and a saturated high gain drive. These can be stacked together and blended to achieve just the right amount of each flavour for a rich, highly flexible palette of distortions.