Fender Reverb & Delay Pedals

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About Fender Reverb / Delay Pedals

Fender reverb and delay effects are available in a new range of pedals. The Marine Layer Reverb and the Mirror Image Delay bring lush, studio quality ambience to your pedal board. Each pedal is made with a tough metal chassis and has LED lights on each control knob to let you see your settings on a dark stage.

Each pedal also features several micro switches to select multiple algorithms, deepening your experience. These pedals are available on our site and in our UK guitarguitar stores.


Why Should I Choose a Fender Reverb / Delay Pedal?

  • Range of Options
  • Fender Quality and Construction
  • Robust
  • Easy to Use

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Reverb & Delay Pedals

Question: Are these pedals digital or analog?
These Fender pedals are digital.