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About Voodoo Lab Pedals

Voodoo Lab are a boutique pedal company from California. Voodoo Lab are one of the longest running boutique brands, being in business since 1986. They make a range of high quality stomp boxes including the celebrated Sparkle Drive overdrive.

Voodoo Lab pedals include drives, fuzzes and modulation effects. These all have a distinctly retro-classic flavour and are of exceptional quality. Voodoo Lab are also noted for their 'Pedal Power' power supplies.

Voodoo Lab are a very well respected company with an enormous roster of top artists listed as using their products.

At guitarguitar, we have been fans and authorised UK dealers of Voodoo Lab products for well over a decade. Visit us to try these great pedals in person or simply click through on our site here to buy!

Frequently Asked Questions about Voodoo Lab Pedals

Voodoo Lab are an established brand and are used by a number of famous guitarists, including the following: Joe Satriani, Def Leppard, David Gilmour, Nils Lofgren, Iron Maiden, Jeff Beck and Bill Frissell.
The Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive is one of those pedals that would fit in on literally any pedal board, regardless of genre. Why though? Well, it's an overdrive that sounds crisp, transparent and very reactive. Not only that, the Sparkle Drive allows you to dial back in a boosted version of your clean tone to provide more clarity and context to your tone. Several pedals do this nowadays but Voodoo Lab got there first. The Sparkle Drive is perhaps still arguably the best at doing this.