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About Voodoo Lab Pedal Power

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power provides a range of professional level power supplies for pedal boards. All products are built in the USA and Voodoo Labs are considered one of the longest running and best pedal brands on the market today. When it comes to high quality pedals you want the highest quality power running through them which is exactly what Voodoo Lab offers. Each model has its own set of features but all provide isolated outputs which offer clean hum free power to all your pedals. From the Iso-5 all the way up to the Mondo there is something for everyone whether you have a small pedal collection or a large one.

Why Should I Choose Voodoo Lab Pedal Power?

  • Sturdy, gig-ready design
  • Multiple power output levels
  • Quiet isolated outputs eliminate ground hum

Frequently Asked Questions about Voodoo Lab Pedal Power

Question: Can Voodoo Lab Power Supplies power pedals with different types of voltage?
Yes. Check out the range before you pick a supply since Voodoo Lab offer a range of models, but most are able to power different voltages simultaneously. Certain models, like the Pedal Power X4, can only accept 9v pedals, but this includes pedals with a high current draw like digital delays and loopers.
Question: How many pedals can Voodoo Lab power?
Up to 12 pedals depending on the model.
Question: Where are Voodoo Lab pedals made?
USA. All Voodoo Labs pedals are made in California USA.