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About ThorpyFX Pedals

ThorpyFX Pedals are all designed and hand assembled at ThorpyFX HQ by founder Adrian Thorpe, whose passion for effects ensures you receive some of the finest quality and most reliable pedals on the market.

ThorpyFX was founded in 2014 following Major Adrian Thorpe MBE's career in the British Army, as a way of indulging his passion for building effects pedals, and providing the market with the some of the highest-quality built units ever. Adrian builds his effects from the best quality components and materials available including audiophile grade op-amps and 1% metal film resistors, and even designs the effects themselves for fantastic tones from start to finish.

Why Should I Choose a ThorpyFX Pedal?

  • Fantastic range of effect types
  • Stunning quality control
  • All designed and built in house
  • Handmade from the highest quality materials and components

Frequently Asked Questions about ThorpyFX Guitar Pedals

Question: Are ThorpyFX pedals any good?
Yes they are! ThorpyFX pedals are a family owned business whose exacting attention to detail ensure only the absolute highest quality of product leaves the building.
Question: Which ThorpyFX pedal is most popular?
The most popular ThorpyFX pedals include their Fallout Cloud Fuzz and The Bunker Drive, with many other options available to suit a variety of styles.
Question: How long have ThorpyFX been producing pedals?
ThorpyFX was founded in 2014, with the first ThorpyFX pedals hitting the market in 2015.
Question: What amp sounds can I achieve with ThorpyFX pedals?
ThorpyFX pedals can recreate some truly superb and classic amp sounds such as their superb drive pedals which can emulate everything from a valve amp with a little warmth and breakup, to super saturated fuzz.