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About Yamaha FG

Introduced all the way back in 1966 the Yamaha FG series has been a mainstay in Music stores across the world. This series is often stated as the best selling acoustic guitar line in the world and for good reason.

The FG Series utilises solid reliable materials and Yamaha's renowned reputation for quality to craft an instrument that has seen every corner the stage and the studio. The FG Series after 50 years of on going development is built with high quality woods and scalloped bracing to maximise tone and strength while still retaining traditional looks and simple design. There are a variety of tonewood options across the Yamaha FG series including mahogany, rosewood, and maple back & sides along with the all Mahogany Yamaha FG850.

Why Should I Choose a Yamaha FG?

  • Reliable Yamaha quality
  • Scalloped bracing
  • Solid top woods
  • One of the most recognisable acoustic series in the world

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha FG

Question: What is the difference between a Yamaha FG guitar and an FGX guitar?
The FGX series guitars all have a cutaway in the body for easy upper fret access. They also boast a pickup system for plugging into an amp or PA system. These are essentially live performance versions of the FG guitars.
Question: What does the FG stand for in Yamaha FG?
FG stands for Folk Guitar.
Question: What finishes is the FG800 available in?
The Yamaha FG800 is available in four finishes: Natural, Black, Brown Sunburst and Sand Burst.
Question: Why is a solid wood top better than a laminated one?
This is because solid pieces of timbers resonate more. This moves the tone and forms it in a way that is considered more beautiful. Vibration is a big part of acoustic guitar tone production. Solid wood simply vibrates more than stiff pieces of laminate.
Question: Are Yamaha FG guitars any good?
Yes, Yamaha guitars are good, Yamaha are renowned for their solid quality and reliability across all instruments.
Question: When was the Yamaha FG series made?
The Yamaha FG was first introduced in 1966.
Question: What is the difference between Yamaha FG and FS?
The Yamaha FS feature the same superb craftsmanship and design as the FG, but in a smaller concert body shape.