Yamaha FGX

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About Yamaha FGX

Yamaha FGX acoustic guitars are a great choice for the performing musician. The FG model was introduced by Yamaha in 1966 and since then it has gone from strength to strength. The FGX takes things one step further by including excellent sounding electronics. This means you can easily plug in for live performance, recording or open mic nights. Yamaha FGX models also benefit from other features such as the Traditional Western body and specially designed bracing. They are well suited to a number of music styles including country and rock. All of this makes the Yamaha FGX a guitar to help you play and sound your best.

Why Should I Choose Yamaha FGX?

  • Over 50 years of FG history
  • Excellent for a range of styles
  • Traditional Western body
  • Great-sounding electronics

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha FGX

Question: Is Yamaha FGX any good?
Yes, Yamaha FGX models are excellent guitars with the additional of great electronics.
Question: Where are Yamaha FGX guitars made?
Yamaha FGX guitars are made in China to very high standards.
Question: What does FG mean on Yamaha guitars?
FG stands for Folk Guitar. These models are named after the first FG they created in 1966.