Microphone Stands and Booms

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About Microphone Stands and Booms

Microphone Stands & Booms are an essential component of all facets of entertainment. From Live Music Performance, Film and TV, to Broadcasting and Streaming. They come in a variety of options and sizes, you're sure to find a product that will suit your specific needs.

Why Do I Need Microphone Stands & Booms?

  • Recording consistency
  • Stability
  • Variety of options
  • Recording quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Microphone Stands and Booms

Question: Why doesn't my microphone clip fit on my stand?
Microphone clips and the threaded attachment at the top of a stand come in 2 standard sizes. In virtually all mic clips there is a small bolt-like adapter which can be screwed out with a coin. If the connection on the mic stand is too big for your stand, try removing the adapter from your mic clip and it should fit. Alternatively, if the threaded connection on the stand is too small, you will need to acquire a mic clip adapter to attach the clip to your stand.
Question: What is a boom mic stand?
A boom mic stand is a stand that allows greater control over the position of your microphone. It is an extendable and adjustable arm that allows for more flexibility for setting up your equipment.
Question: Do microphone stands work for all mics?
Microphones stands work for most mics, however there are some things that need to be considered. Microphone stands all have a universal thread that can be attached to the microphone clip that the manufacturer supplies. The threads come in two standard sizes, 3/8" and 5/8", and consideration should be taken into what microphone would be suitable for each stand or boom.
Question: Is a mic stand important?
Mic Stands are incredibly important for securing your microphone in place. When you're recording, you need to ensure a consistent level of sound quality, and any movement of the microphone will adversely affect the sound quality. Having the mic secured in an isolated position using a stand is essential.
Question: Is a mic boom worth it?
Mic Booms are definitely worth it. They are essential in the Film and TV industry as ways for audio to be recorded without the device showing up in the frame of the shot.