Microphone Stands and Booms

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About Microphone Stands and Booms

Whether it's for stage, studio or broadcast use, guitarguitar have you covered when it comes to mic stands. We stock a great range of stands, including both straight or with boom arms, short and tall stands and easily adjustable desk mounting stands.

Frequently Asked Questions about Microphone Stands and Booms

Question: Why doesn't my microphone clip fit on my stand?
Microphone clips and the threaded attachment at the top of a stand come in 2 standard sizes. In virtually all mic clips there is a small bolt-like adapter which can be screwed out with a coin. If the connection on the mic stand is too big for your stand, try removing the adapter from your mic clip and it should fit. Alternatively, if the threaded connection on the stand is too small, you will need to acquire a mic clip adapter to attach the clip to your stand.
Question: Do I need a boom arm on a stand?
If it's for a vocal mic, then it's definitely about personal preference. Some singers can feel restricted by the vertical pole on a mic stand, especially if they're playing a guitar. The boom allows you to have more room between your body and the stand. Other applications are definitely easier when using a boom stand, for example: micing drum kits, guitar cabs or stringed instruments.