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About Drum Machines

Drum machines are programmable percussion instruments that have built-in sounds and rhythms. The original drum machines were simply a tool for musicians to use when practicing. But they were soon adopted by visionaries like Kraftwerk and Georgio Moroder as a minimalist glimps into the future.
This approach of using a drum machine birthed modern dance music. Electro, techno, freestyle and hip-hop adopted drum machines as their backbone in the 80s and 90s.
Even today, the four on the floor rhythms of drum machines can be heard all over pop music. Modern digital drum machines like the Arturia DrumBrute and Roland TR-8S have many similarities to the originals of the early 80s. Whether you're looking for drum machine for guitarists or you're an electronic music producer, we have a variety of drum machines available from Roland, Korg, Arturia and more.

Why Should I Choose a Drum Machine?

  • Great sounds and easy to program
  • Portable and volume is controllable
  • Studio quality sound every time
  • Drum machines are also perfect for guitarists, electronic music producers and more

Frequently Asked Questions about Drum Machines

Question: Are drum machines just for making dance music?
While machines like the Korg Volca Beats and the Roland TR-8S are geared more towards the electronic side of music, the Alesis SR-16 and SR-18 are some pretty great drum machines and have sounds suitable for many genres. There are rock, jazz, metal and of course classic electro sounds built into these two machines, making them versatile and also a convincing replacement for an acoustic drummer.
Question: What is the best drum machine for beginners?
While there are some genre specific drum machines available, the Alesis SR-16 is one of the most versatile. With a large variety of sounds built in, including acoustic and electronic drums, the SR-16 as an excellent gateway as it lets you get started with great sounds, but also gives you room to grow into different genres of music.
Question: What is the best budget drum machine?
We reckon some of the best drum machines can be found from the Alesis SR-16, it's an excellent all rounder at an affordable price. However, if you're looking for classic analog beats the Korg Volca Beats is an intuitive machine with an authentic 80s style sound. And it's great for those on a budget!
Question: What is the best drum machine for guitarists?
For a guitar drum machine that's ideal for guitarists, we recommend the Alesis SR-18 - it gives a wide selection of access to lots of different presets, sounds, inputs and outputs with lots of programmable samples too! If you're looking for a drum machine for guitar practice, this could be the one for you.