Alesis Drum Machines

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About Alesis Drum Machines

Alesis drum machines feature both natural drum sounds sampled from acoustic drum kits and percussion instruments and high quality electronic drum sounds. Ideal for recording demos or as an accompaniment for live use, users can easily chain either pre-programmed rhythm patterns or programme their own to create full song arrangements. The SR-18 even allows you to program synth bass lines.

These are highly versatile machines, suitable for making most styles of music including rock, prog, electro, hiphop, pop, techno and new age music.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alesis Drum Machines

Question: Can Alesis drum machines be run on batteries?
The SR-18 can be powered with AA batteries.
Question: Are the pads velocity sensitive?
Yes, both the SR-16 and SR-18 feature velocity sensitive pads and are used in conjunction with the Dynamic Articulation technology that is exclusive to Alesis. This process makes timbrel changes to the sound based on the velocity of the hit, allowing for a very realistic and natural playing sound.
Question: Can I trigger sounds from an Alesis drum machine with my DAW?
You can, simply connect via MIDI from your audio interface or MIDI to USB adapter to the MIDI 'In' on the drum machine and you will be able to trigger sounds via the corresponding MIDI notes on the piano grid in your software.