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About Rode Microphones

RØDE Microphone's legacy dates back to the 60s, when Rode started out as a family run electronics company. Rode is now one of the most respected studio microphone brands in the world. Based in Sydney Australia, Rode mics are highly regarded as being some of the quietest and most reliable microphones on the market and instantly recognisable mics like the NT5, NT1a and K2 all boast Rode's 10 year warranty.

Rode microphones are also a common feature of the film, television and broadcast industries. Thanks to microphones like the Videomic range, which are designed to attach directly to a DSLR camera for great sound, or Rode's fantastic lavalier and lapel microphones the excel at discretely capturing sound. Shotgun microphones also are an essential feature of many film sets, allowing the capture of audio from a distance so the mic isn't seen by the camera, mics like the Rode NTG3 offer a filming solution that's reliable, rugged and built to last.

USB microphones are a simple way to get into recording audio without the need for extra equipment, simply plug the microphone into your computers USB port and your headphones into the microphone and you're ready to record. Exceptionally good for recording voice-overs and podcasts. Rode microphones like the NT-USB and Podcaster omit the need for an audio interface like regular microphones, giving you the simplest and most affordable way to get recording broadcast quality audio.

Whether you're an absolute beginner or a professional engineer, guitarguitar will have the Rode microphone to suit your needs. Please browse the full Rode range online here at guitarguitar, or contact your local store for more information

Frequently Asked Questions about Rode Microphones

No, Rode make a wide range of microphones, including dynamic and ribbon mics, as well as variations on tradition dynamic and condenser forms, like lavalier, shotgun and valve microphones.
While there are many popular Rode mics for studio use, we've found their most popular to be the NT1A, this award mic is branded as being "the worlds quietest studio microphone", making it ideal for voiceover and podcast work, as well as for singing and ambient recording.