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About Portable Keyboards

Portable Keyboards are entry level keyboards that are packed full of features. The many on-board sounds, drum beats, rhythms, built in speakers and USB connectivity provide peace of mind that you won't require any other expensive equipment, and make portable keyboards ideal for beginners and hobbyists. These keyboards are very lightweight in their nature, making them ideal for taking to band practices or lessons, and can often host features such as piano lessons, recording, sequencing and touch sensitivity.

Portable Keyboards offer a huge range of sounds including piano, organ, synth sounds, guitars and even other acoustic sounds such as accordions, marimbas, violins and drums. This is the reason portable keyboards are often people's first step into the world of keyboards, synthesizers and piano.

Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Keyboards

Portable keyboards are designed to be affordable and accessible, offering a wide range of features to give you access to different types of keyboard styles and approaches. Synthesizers, as well as stage pianos, arranger keyboards and workstations tend to be more tailored towards a specific use, offering detailed editing and sound creation as well as high quality components and sounds.
If you don't have a suitable desk or table it is advisable to purchase a keyboard stand with a keyboard. Most portable keyboards are light enough to be support by a single braced stand such as the Stagg KXS-A35, although you may wish to opt for a double braced stand such as the Stagg KXSQ6 for extra support and durability.
Yamaha's PSR-E263, PSR-E363 and PSR-E453 as well as Casio's CTK3500 and CT-X700 keyboards all feature built in lessons, while all Casio keyboards and pianos come with access to their excellent online lessons.