Yamaha Reface

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About Yamaha Reface

The Yamaha Reface series has been created to celebrate some of Yamaha's most iconic keyboards and synthesizers. Over the last 50 years, several Yamaha keyboards have broken boundaries to create iconic sounds that have changed the face of music.

Instruments like the DX7, CS80 and CP80 featured pioneering technologies that became a huge part of the sound of film, television and pop music. Instantly recognisable to the ear, these instruments were quickly adopted by many professional musicians and still remain in high demand. To honor these classic instruments, each Yamaha Reface keyboard takes inspiration from a specific model and reimagines it into a portable keyboard with an easy-to-understand user interface.

If you're looking for a compact keyboard that focuses on giving genuinely usable synth, electric piano or organ sounds, a Yamaha Reface keyboard is for you!

Why Should I Choose a Yamaha Reface Keyboard?

  • Professional sounds in a compact keyboard
  • Portable with battery operation and built-in speakers
  • Can be used as a sound module with a full-sized keyboard

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Reface

Question: Are the Yamaha Reface keyboards digital?
The keyboards are all digital, the DX offers digital FM synthesis, the CP and CS both use sample based synthesis and the CS features digital analog modelling.
Question: What is the Yamaha Reface Series?
Each Yamaha Reface keyboard re-imagines a classic Yamaha keyboard into a compact instrument with mini-keys.
Question: Can I only get old style sounds out of a Reface?
No way, Yamaha have designed these to produce current sounds, not just by giving you access to sounds that are often sampled by modern music, but actual modern sounds lurk within these fresh faced keyboards, they're all extremely versatile and packed full of big bangs for your buck.
Question: Is Yamaha Reface analog?
While the Reface CS is based around the analog CS-80, its sound has been recreated digitally to offer the same great tone with the stability that digital synthesis has to offer.
Question: Does Yamaha Reface have MIDI?
Yes. Each Reface keyboard offers 5-Pin MIDI In and Out via a detachable breakout cable, plus MIDI to host via USB.