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About Yamaha Reface

Yamaha Reface sees the iconic instrument manufacturer revisit 4 revolutionary products and give them a modern reinvention. Featuring micro keys, on board speakers and the ability to run on batteries makes these extremely fun keyboards as portable as you can get, Reface is available in 4 models:

DX: The sound of the Yamaha DX7 defines the 1980s as much as the Rubix Cube and Pac-Man, this FM synthesizer's fresh sounds were all over film, TV and music right from its release in 1983, all the way through to the 90s and sounds from this keyboard are still perpetually sampled and used in modern music and even in a large percentage of keyboards and pianos that we sell today. The Reface DX takes the DX7 and shrinks it down into an intuitive little synth, still offering the same tones as the DX7, from the smoothest FM Rhodes to the crunchiest bass to shrieking leads, the DX has a lot to offer for musicians and that distinctive sound has a home in many genres, including jazz, techno, pop, funk, industrial and synthwave.

YC: This little red beauty offers a nod to the YC Organs of the early 70s, however the YC offers much more than the sounds of these quirky organs and although they're not mentioned by name, we're going to read between the lines of their not so subtle descriptions and concede that they offer voices based heavily on the iconic Hammond, Vox Continental, Ace Tone and Farfisa organs. So in this tiny little package, you're able to get your teeth into classic organ sounds by the likes of The Beatles, Deep Purple, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Suicide, Talkin Heads, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Tori Amos and George Ezra.

CP: Yamaha launched their pioneering CP-70 and CP-80 electric grand pianos in the 1970s, these pianos used a hammers and strings mechanism like an acoustic piano, but used an electronic pickup to translate the sound to a speaker system rather than acoustically resonating the sound like a traditional piano would. This made them very popular for touring acts and saw the pianos used heavily by the likes of Prince, Genesis, Keane, Billy Joel, Vangelis and Simple Minds. The Reface CP accurately captures the sound and nuances of the CP pianos of the 1970's as well as offering you 2 interpretations of the beautiful Fender Rhodes electric piano, a Wurlitzer electric piano, a Clavinet and a quirky but useful toy piano sound. The CP would be great introduction to a keyboard dedicated to offering sounds that are all over hip hop, pop and jazz music, as well as an addition into a more experienced musicans larger rig who's looking for an easy way to add these iconic sounds into their setup.

CS: The CS-80 was a monster synthesizer that is most notible for being used by Vangelis for the soundtracks of Bladerunner and Chariots of Fire. The CS distils the essence of the CS-80 down into tight package that features a very intuitive interface, looper and effects section. Not only does the CS excel at retro analog synth sounds, but it also drips EDM futurism and would be fitting for hip hop, electro, pop, synthwave and soundtrack production. Not only that, because this is a powerful synth with a remarkably logical interface, it would actually be an excellent keyboard for learning all of the essentials of synthesis.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Reface

Question: Are the Yamaha Reface keyboards digital?
The keyboards are all digital, the DX offers digital FM synthesis, the CP and CS both use sample based synthesis and the CS features digital analog modelling.
Question: Why are the keys so small?
Keyboards with mini keys have proven to be extremely popular in the last 15 years or so, reducing the physical size of the keyboard makes the keyboards more portable and also less expensive, in turn making them more accessible for newer players, and for more experienced players looking to expand their setup, they are able to treat a Reface like a sound module, using the full sized keyboard on another synthesizer to control the Reface via MIDI.
Question: Can I only get old style sounds out of a Reface?
No way, Yamaha have designed these to produce current sounds, not just by giving you access to sounds that are often sampled by modern music, but actual modern sounds lurk within these fresh faced keyboards, they're all extremely versatile and packed full of big bangs for your buck.