Yamaha reface DX

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Yamaha reface DX

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What we say:

Yamaha’s Reface range is a great idea: make a range of extremely portable keyboard instruments, each focussing on a specific type of sound and designing the front panel to suit these sounds exclusively. Yamaha have a long history of products to draw upon for this range and each model has its own unique appeal. We’re happy to say that the Refaces are a complete win! From the playable keys to the specific controls, these are a joy to play. As for the sound: it’s no surprise but these sound uniformly excellent, with authenticity and depth available to add loads to your recordings and performances.

Each Reface can run on mains power or batteries, making them truly portable. They weigh less than 2kg and have 37 keys with additional octave available via a selector on the front panel.

Amazingly, Yamaha have managed to cram not only the sound but the whole vibe of the famous DX-7 into a tiny little keyboard! We were hoping for this to be good and we weren't disappointed! The look even apes the iconic design of this era-defining keyboard. Playing a few notes on this immediately opens a portal in time to transport you directly to 1986!

The distinctive sound and FM-synthesis of the DX-7 has been faithfully retained, although you operate it in a slightly different (easier? Maybe...) manner than original models. Those great bell sounds, stabs, fantasy movie soundtrack sounds: they are all here are ready to be enjoyed and modified as your creativity guides you. Nostalgia will certainly play a part in its appeal for some people but you can really love this synth without being old enough to remember the originals!

Although this is most definitely not designed to be a carbon copy of a DX-7 (or any other Yamaha DX model for that matter) we did happen to have a Pre-Owned DX-7 from 1987 in one of our stores around the time this came out. We A/B'd them. We were VERY impressed. We highly recommend all of the Reface units for their respective purposes but we REALLY recommend this one!


Yamaha reface Series

reface series

A new mobile instrument generation
It started as a sketch of a young Yamaha design team: Under the concept name “reimagined interfaces of classic Yamaha keyboards” the group presented a series of four compact instruments, in which every single one celebrates the personality of a legendary Yamaha instrument – but with a character of its own reimagined for today’s ‘on-the-go life style’. The concept also integrates a web-based sound exchange between musicians and allows a cooperative sound design. With the introduction of reface, this vision becomes reality.

Inspiration guaranteed
At home, in a studio, in a park or on a train – the compact design and the powerful integrated stereo speakers allow inspiration in seconds – without any equipment to set up. Creativity can be realised anywhere: Thanks to the battery power, all reface Mobile Mini Keyboards are ready at any time – even when there is no power socket nearby. The setup is done in seconds, even the connection to notebook, iPhone or iPad for the recording and saving of sounds.

It’s (not) a toy!
All four reface models are presenting themselves as a creative toy for sound design. But despite their compact design, they are professional instruments that are inviting to play. All models feature Yamaha’s brand new ‘HQ’ Mini-Action keyboard with 37 keys (3 octaves). The user interfaces were designed separately for each instrument introducing features such as drawbars for the reface YC organ and the capacitive Multi-Touch surface on the reface DX.

reface DX: FM Synthesizer

reface DX: FM Synthesizer
The Yamaha FM synthesizers shaped the sound of the 80’s like no other electronic instrument. With the reface DX, all these legendary sounds are back in the 21st century – ready for the new generation of FM sound fans. A carefully developed user interface offers intuitive access to the FM tone generators even for starters. A capacitive multi touch controller allows dynamic modifications of a sound. The reface DX is also polyphonic with 8 voices and features 7 effects.

Discover and share sounds online
All four reface models offer a rich potential for creative sound design – and the opportunity to get in touch with the whole world: With Soundmondo, Yamaha created an online hub connecting the reface community all over the globe. Soundmondo offers creative possibilities to create, share and discover sounds. The connection is established intuitively using a special Web MIDI technology for Google Chrome. As soon as a reface model is plugged in, it offers the possibility of direct synchronisation. Voices and set lists can be stored in a private area as well as shared with the community.

reface iOS App for iPhone and iPad
Quick and easy storage as well as management of sounds with iPhone and iPad: The free reface iOS app for Apple mobile devices makes data transfer extremely simple. A name, a picture and multiple tags can be applied to stored voices; they can be sorted in different ways as well. Search functionality is also included. Using a set list, voices can be arranged in a specific order and recalled one after the other. Another impressive feature is the possibility to exchange voices using QR codes: A distinctive code can be generated from any stored voice and can then be shared using the different options available with iOS. It can for example be sent via email or read using the camera of another iPad to import it into the app.


4-operator FM Sound Engine offers dynamic and expressive additive synthesis
A new feature of this engine is continuously variable feedback on every operator allowing for a wide-range of sound creation

Two programmable effects blocks with seven effect types per block:
The effect types are: VCM Touch Wah, VCM Flanger, VCM Phaser, Chorus, Delay, Reverb and Distortion

Multi-touch control interface
Direct access to four simultaneous parameters

32 Voice memory locations allow storing and recalling favorite VoicesControl

Based on the FS action found on the flagship Motif XF, HQ (High Quality) Mini Keys provide premium feel and response for fast, accurate and natural playing.

Integrated Phrase Looper: capture song ideas or just jam

Continuous controller pedal input for volume control

Mobility & Connectivity

2W 3cm stereo speaker system lets you play any place, any time
Specially designed bass reflex port technology enhances bass response for full, rich sound

Battery powered
Uses six "AA" batteries with five hours of life

USB "TO HOST" allows MIDI connectivity to your USB-equipped computer or iOS device

Audio output
Dual 1/4" unbalanced line outputs provide connection to mixers, audio interfaces, DI boxes and more

Audio input
A 3.5mm aux line input lets you connect and hear mobile devices, tablets and more through the instrument


Soundmondo is a free sound sharing community that lets you discover, create and share reface Voices and Set Lists using Google Chrome any place, any time you’re online.

Powered by Web MIDI, Soundmondo is simple to use - just connect reface to Chrome and you’re ready to create or start browsing.

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What's In The Box
  • Yamaha Reface DX
  • Power Supply
  • MIDI breakout cable
  • Owner’s Manual

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Overall Rating 5 (2 reviews)

It's such a great keyboard. Quick to create and alter new sounds, easy to understand interface, just a little bit easier than a DX7

Ian D. - 27/3/2021

ben s. - 25/7/2020

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