Atkin Electric Guitars

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About Atkin Electric Guitars

Atkin Electric Guitars are a brand of boutique hand made guitars from Canterbury, England. Headed up by Alister Atkin, the company is a small operation of four people who pour their talent, skill and dedication into each guitar they make. Atkin guitars are often compared favourably to genuine vintage guitars. This is thanks to their level of quality, tone and workmanship.

Well known for their fantastic acoustic guitars, their electric guitar models they produce hold up just as well to their reputation for high quality, premium instruments. Classic designs much like their acoustics with a few Atkin twists to improve on timeless designs. If you're looking for an alternative to a classic looking guitar you won't find much better than Atkin!


Why Should I Choose an Atkin Electric Guitar?

  • Built to the same top quality as Atkin acoustic guitars
  • Classic designs with an Atkin twist
  • Top quality hardware and pickups

Frequently Asked Questions about Atkin Electric Guitars

Question: Are Atkin electric guitars any good?
Yes Atkin Electric guitars are built with the same exceptional quality as Aitkin acoustic guitars which have a reputation for being premium top quality guitars.
Question: Where are Atkin electric guitars made?
Atkin electric guitars are made in the UK to very high standards.