Electric Guitar Starter Kit

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About Electric Guitar Starter Kits

Starter Packages for Electric Guitars are the ideal way to kick off your electric guitar journey. These packages have everything you need to get started, you'll find a guitar, amplifier, instrument cable, plectrums, strap and even a gig bag to help you take your playing on the go!

Why Should I Choose an Electric Guitar Starter Kit?

  • Everything You Need
  • Incredible Value for Money
  • Ideal Beginners Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Guitar Starter Kit

Question: Are electric guitar starter kits good?
Electric Guitar Starter Kits are the ideal solution for getting into electric guitar. Diving into the world of electric guitars can be overwhelming, and these handy starter kits provide everything a beginner player could need at an extremely affordable cost.
Question: What is the best electric guitar starter kit?
The best electric guitar starter kit may largely vary depending on your tastes, however we're fans of the Squier Starter Kits, with plenty of options among the range you can choose the guitar you think looks the coolest and you can be confident you're getting a decent starter instrument and equipment at a very reasonable cost.
Question: Is electric guitar easier or harder to learn than acoustic guitar?
Electric guitars can be slightly easier to learn than an acoustic guitar from a playing perspective. Electric guitar strings are lower gauge and require less effort from the fingers to fret effectively. Electric guitars come with their own challenges, and learning how to dial in your tone on an electric is another skill in itself.