Electric Guitar Starter Kit

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About Electric Guitar Starter Kits

Electric guitar starter kit make it easy to begin playing! We have boxed electric guitar starter kits filled with everything you need to get going. Choose from a wide range of amazing electric guitar designs. We have packs from brands such as Epiphone and Squier.

Each pack contains a guitar, amp, strap, cable, tuner and more. We have full size electric guitars and smaller models for younger players. Our beginner guitar models have classic designs such as the Les Paul and Stratocaster.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Guitar Starter Kit

Question: Are guitars in starter packs easy to restring?
Restringing any guitar is one of those 'easy when you know how' situations. It can be a fiddle to begin with but gets a lot easier with a little practice. All of our starter guitars are straightforward in terms of restringing. Staff are always on hand to give advice and assistance and will be happy to answer questions about restringing.
Question: Is electric guitar easier or harder to learn than acoustic guitar?
The fundamentals are exactly the same. However, electric guitars are often easier to play due to their slimmer necks and bodies. We always recommend trying both! Even just sitting down with both and handling them can be helpful.
Question: How much smaller is a short scale electric guitar?
A short scale guitar is a combination of a smaller body and a shorter scale length. For example, the Short Scale Squier Stratocaster has a scale length of 24" which is an inch and a half shorter than a standard Squier Stratocaster. This body is also significantly smaller. This makes the guitar easier to handle.