Epiphone Les Paul Special

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About Epiphone Les Paul Special

The Epiphone Les Paul Special is a fantastic electric guitar for beginners. Using the Gibson Les Paul as inspiration, the Les Paul Special reproduces that iconic single-cut outline and matches it to a bolted on neck. Two humbuckers, a slimmed-down body and a simple control panel are all the player needs to begin playing.

The Epiphone Les Paul Special is very popular, not only with beginners but with all guitarists on a tight budget. Despite the small price tag, it is a reliable, great sounding guitar with heritage and a classic silhouette. It is available in a range of finishes. Many of these are recognisable 'Les Paul colours' and Epiphone even offer artist tribute models such as the Slash AFD model.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Les Paul Special

Question: What colours is the Epiphone Les Paul Special available in?
The Epiphone Les Paul Special is available in the following finishes:Vintage Worn Cherry, Worn Vintage Sunburst, Vintage Worn Ebony, Worn Heritage Cherry Sunburst and Vintage Worn Walnut.
Question: What type of pickups are on the Epiphone Les Paul Special?
The Epiphone Les Paul Special has two open coil humbuckers models: a 650R at the neck and a 700T in the bridge position.
Question: What is a bolt on neck?
Bolt on neck' refers to the way the neck is joined to the body. A bolt-on neck means the neck being held in place by a set of (normally) 4 long screws inside a carved area in the body called the neck pocket.