Gibson Les Paul Special

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About Gibson Les Paul Special

The Gibson Les Paul Special was originally released in 1955. This was a decade when many classic models were created; guitars that are still used and seen as influential to this day. The Special stood out as a model due to the simplicity and straight forward playing experience that it offered. While it was originally introduced as a budget model, it soon found its place as a guitar chosen by many over better-known models. The single cut design was indeed the original shape but then in 1958 it was also produced in a double cut version.

Many may associate the Les Paul Special with the TV Yellow finish. The story goes that back in day when television was still in its infancy, white guitars wouldn't look right on screen if the studio lights bounced off them and a black guitar often didn't stand out enough. The solution was what is now known as TV Yellow. It has now become a classic and is a look that many guitarists are still drawn to. A number of colours are available here so regardless of what your preference is, there will likely be a colour for you.

A number of variations are currently available from Gibson. While they have certainly done justice to the originals, these guitars are equipped and ready for the modern player. They are extremely versatile making them a great choice for any player who plays more than one style. Having been used by Mark Knopfler and Johnny Marr at points during their careers, they certainly have a place in the heart of many guitar players.

Our Gibson Les Paul Special guitars come included with a guitar case.


Why Should I Choose Gibson Les Paul Special?

  • A classic design offering a simplistic approach to playing
  • Ideal for those who want to plug in and play
  • Gibson USA made quality throughout

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Les Paul Special

Question: Are there other inlay options?
One of the common features of the Special is the dot inlay so it is likely going to be what you see on these models. They add to the classic and understated style of the model.
Question: What makes the Special different from the Standard Les Paul?
Traditionally, the Special features two P-90 pickups and a wraparound bridge. The Les Paul Standard tends to have a pair of humbuckers and a Tune-O-Matic bridge.
Question: What are the benefits of a wraparound bridge?
Many players choose the wraparound bridge due to the excellent sustain and resonance that it offers.