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About Hagstrom Guitars

Hagstrom are a classic electric guitar brand from Sweden. Like most classic guitar brands, Hagstrom were established as an acoustic brand. They moved onto electric models in the 1950s.

These guitars are a mixture of solid body guitars such as the Super Swede and hollow bodies like the Hagstrom Viking. Many of the Hagstrom models available today are direct reissues of classic models. These designs have lots of unique charm and character. They sport enough familiarity to be hugely appealing to a large cross-section of guitarists.

Hagstrom guitars enjoy some high profile endorsements. They are used by members of large rock bands like Foo Fighters and Ghost among others. They have a wide range of instruments available and are a refreshing antidote to the more mainstream designs around.

Check out our entire range of Hagstrom guitars online or contact your local guitarguitar UK store to find out more about this classic brand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hagstrom Guitars

Question: Where are Hagstrom guitars made?
Hagstrom guitars are made in China.
Question: Who plays Hagstrom electric guitars?
Hagstrom electric guitars are played by Pat Smear (Foo Fighters), Nameless Ghouls (Ghost) and Steve Harris (Gary Numan).