Hagstrom Swede

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About Hagstrom Swede

The Hagstrom Swede, Super Swede and Ultra Swede are single cut electric guitars that date back to the early 1970s.

The Hagstrom Swede is a no-nonsense all-mahogany brute, perfect for rock and dirty blues. It’s a set neck guitar equipped with Hagstrom’s Classic AlNiCo 58 humbuckers which can be coil split using a toggle switch.

The Super Swede is Hagstrom’s flagship model, providing the Swede with a maple top for a more open sound and a full 25.5” scale length. This gives it more muscle and sustain. The Super Swede grew popular as an LP-style guitar that could be downtuned with more ease. Knowing this, Hagstrom have made the Ultra Swede with modern stylings, high output pickups and a super slim neck. This makes it the ideal single-cut for metal and hard rock players.

Why Choose the Hagstrom Swede?

  • 70s Scandinavian Classic!
  • Available as the Swede, Super Swede and Ultra Swede
  • Excellent value for money

Frequently Asked Questions about Hagstrom Swede

Question: Are Hagstrom Swede guitars made in Sweden?
Hagstrom Swede guitars have been made in China since 2003.