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About Ukulele Strings

Ukulele strings are available from guitarguitar. We keep stock of string sets to suit all major sizes of ukulele. Whether you play a Soprano, Tenor or Baritone uke, we'll have just the set for you.

Ukulele strings are normally made from nylon. Certain brands such as D'Addario offer other options like titanium. This gives a brighter sound, something that is appropriate for Ukuleles.

The string gauges tend to fall in line with whichever size uke the strings are purposed for. Even so, actual gauges vary from brand to brand. Dunlop's Tenor uke set is 0.029 - 0.041, lightest to highest, whilst the equivalent Martin set is 0.022 - 0.034. This will effect how the instrument plays, feels and sounds. It is worth a little experimentation to get your best preference!

Visit your nearest guitarguitar store to get your next set of strings. You can also shop with us online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ukulele Strings

Question: What notes is a ukulele tuned to?
There are different sizes of ukulele out there but most of them (apart from the Baritone) use the tuning of GCEA. Baritones typically use the tuning of DGBE.
Question: Which ukulele strings are the most popular?
Our most popular string set in terms of sales is the Jim Dunlop JD-DUY303 Tenor set.
Question: Where are Dunlop Ukulele strings made?
They are made in the USA.
Question: What is 'flourocarbon'?
Flourocarbon is a high tension material. It is used by companies such as Martin in the making of some of their Ukulele strings. Flourocarbon is a hard-wearing synthetic material. It is great for ukulele strings due to its ability to hold tension and tuning.