Ukulele Strings

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About Ukulele Strings

Ukulele Strings are an essential and often overlooked component of ukulele playing that contributes greatly to your sound and overall playing efficiency. Ukulele Strings come in various formats depending on which style of Ukulele you own, and a range of string gauges that can help determine how smooth your playing is, and how you want your instrument to sound.

What Are the Benefits of Ukulele Strings?

  • Improve Your Tone
  • Prevent String Breakages
  • Smoother Playing

Frequently Asked Questions about Ukulele Strings

Question: What notes is a ukulele tuned to?
There are different sizes of ukulele out there but most of them (apart from the Baritone) use the tuning of GCEA. Baritones typically use the tuning of DGBE.
Question: What ukulele strings are best?
The best ukelele strings will differ depending on what style you like to play and how heavy you like your strings. The Dunlop DUQ302 Ukelele Concert Pro Set is a very popular and well rounded option.
Question: Do strings on a ukulele make a difference?
Yes. The strings applied to a ukulele make a big difference in how your ukulele plays and sounds. Lighter string gauges are will be easier to fret, and produce a brighter tone as opposed to heavier string gauges.
Question: What is 'flourocarbon'?
Flourocarbon is a high tension material. It is used by companies such as Martin in the making of some of their Ukulele strings. Flourocarbon is a hard-wearing synthetic material. It is great for ukulele strings due to its ability to hold tension and tuning.
Question: How many strings does a ukulele have?
A ukelele has four strings.