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About Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are a very important factor in not only the sound but the feel of any guitar you play. Gauge plays a very important part: lighter strings are easier to play on but many guitarists would say that heavier strings sound better. It is up to the player to ultimately decide and experimentation is recommended, bearing in mind that small adjustments to your guitar may have to be made. We carry a very wide range of guitar strings in all gauges from manufacturers including Ernie Ball, D'Addario, Elixir, Dunlop, Martin and Rotosound.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guitar Strings

If you play for hours a day, a good rule of thumb is every month. If you are a more casual player, you may find you only need to change strings a couple of times a year. Pro players change their strings every week if not every day depending on how busy they are with gigs. If you are breaking strings, it is a good idea to change the whole set rather than just the broken string: new strings sound brighter and your ears will notice the difference. Also, if your strings are discoloured, not holding their tuning or leaving dark residue on your fingers, then you should have changed them a long, long time ago!
If you are tuning down from standard tuning to something like C standard then yes, we recommend you not only fit a set of heavier gauge strings (gauge 11s is a good place to be for this tuning) but also pay attention to the intonation and action of your guitar because it will most likely need adjusted to compensate for the difference in tension. The nut may need some attention too. If you are just tuning down to Eb or similar, you may want to go up one gauge or move from, say, 10-46 gauge strings to 10-52. If in doubt, get a professional technician to do it for you. Several of our stores have such experts so do get in touch if you need help!
Most manufacturers provide info on their websites with these details. If in doubt, please get in touch with us and our staff will be able to tell you. Some players will know from playing a guitar which gauge of strings are on it but this isn't always the case.