Coated Guitar Strings

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About Coated Guitar Strings

Coated Guitar Strings deliver an enhanced playing experience that any guitarist is going to love. The main difference between coated and uncoated strings is the use of an ultra thin nanoweb coating. Coated strings feature a thin layer of polymer coating to prevent dirt trapping between the windings, which is one of the main plain string features that causes them to go "dead" and age. This means that your coated strings corrosion resistant properties enhance your tonal frequency, feel amazing to play and will last much longer than traditional guitar strings.

Why Should I Choose Coated Guitar Strings?

  • Vibrant tone
  • Fluid feeling and sleek performance
  • Longer lasting 

Frequently Asked Questions about Coated Guitar Strings

Question: What are coated guitar strings?
Coated guitar strings improve on the traditional string design by coating each string to prevent skin and debris trapping between the windings, which is the main cause of string wear and aging.
Question: Are coated guitar strings any good?
Yes, coated strings offer an enhanced playing experience and longer lifespan.
Question: Are coated guitar strings easier to play?
Coated strings deliver a fluid playing experience that minimises the friction that often causes fatigue.
Question: How often do you need to change coated strings?
While this depends on how often and how hard you play, coated strings in general have a much longer lifespan than conventional strings.