Banjo Strings

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About Banjo Strings

Banjo strings are available both online and in-store from guitarguitar. Banjo strings are metal, typically with Nickel windings involved, and are available in a range of gauges.

We keep sets of Banjo strings in stock at every guitarguitar store. We stock strings by Dunlop, D'Addario and Martin. 4 and 5 string sets are available.

Frequently Asked Questions about Banjo Strings

Question: Which set of Banjo strings is the most popular?
For us, the Medium gauge (.010) 5 string Dunlop DJN1023 set is the best seller.
Question: Are banjos easy to restring?
They are. Typical banjo strings have loops built onto the end. These grab a specific part of the banjo's bridge and tension does the rest! Simply wind the other end around the correct tuning peg post as you'd do on a guitar and tune to pitch.
Question: Can I use a 5 string set of banjo strings on a four string Tenor banjo and just throw away the fifth string?
Yes, definitely, though don't throw that fifth string away! It is typically the same gauge as the lightest string that you do use... so keep it as a spare! Also, some sets of tenor strings (like the D'Addario EJ63i set) have a heavier bottom end - a gauge 30 rather than the 20 or 23 you'd normally otherwise find in 5 string sets - so keep that in mind too!