Banjo Strings

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About Banjo Strings

Banjo Strings are an essential and often overlooked component of banjo playing that contributes greatly to your sound and overall playing efficiency. Banjo Strings come in various formats depending on which style of Banjo you own, and a range of string gauges that can help determine how smooth your playing is, and how you want your instrument to sound. Some of our banjo strings available include nickel wound and bronze.

What are the Benefits of Banjo Strings?

  • Improve Your Tone
  • Prevent String Breakages
  • Smoother Playing

Frequently Asked Questions about Banjo Strings

Question: How do you pick banjo strings?
You should pick banjo strings based on the type of banjo you own and the style of music that you play. Lighter strings are easier to play making them ideal for beginners, but they also produce a brighter sound, heavier strings will be more difficult to press but produce a deeper tone.
Question: Are banjos easy to restring?
They are. Typical banjo strings have loops built onto the end. These grab a specific part of the banjo's bridge and tension does the rest! Simply wind the other end around the correct tuning peg post as you'd do on a guitar and tune to pitch.
Question: How often should I change banjo strings?
You should change your banjo strings are often as required and this will vary depending on the conditions you keep the instrument in and how often you play. Professional musicians will change strings before each gig, but generally the average player can get away with changing strings every few months.
Question: How many strings does a banjo have?
Banjos can come in either 4, 5 or string variants.
Question: What banjo strings are best?
The best banjo strings will vary depending on the style of your banjo, however the D'Addario EJ57 Custom Medium 5-String Banjo 11-22 is a great and very popular set of strainless steel banjo strings that provide a very bright tone.